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Podiatry Footcare

Podiatry Footcare

Podiatry treatments at The Clinic include a variety of options to help relieve the day to day problems and pains experienced in the foot and ankle.

Following an assessment the options may include nail care/treatment, callus and corn reduction, skin care advice, stretching and exercise advice and orthotic/insole management.

Modern technology can be used to custom make orthotic/insole devices to fit shoewear and clients individual needs.

Orthotics can be used to treat many foot problems including arch pain, heel pain, osteoarthritis (affecting the ankle and foot joints) and many other sports related injuries.

Sidas orthoticsTherapists based at The Clinic are highly trained and have access to Sidas orthotic technology which is a customised orthotic manufacturing device which allows custom made insoles to be made and worn on the day of the client’s podiatry consultation.

Podiatrist/Chiropodist – Carly Bodill BSc (Hons), MSc, MSCh. HCPC registered

Carly Bodill qualified as a Podiatrist in 2000 and has since specialised in areas such as Diabetes, Rheumatology and Muscular Skeletal Pathology. Additionally Carly works as an Extended Scope Practitioner (ESP) within a musculoskeletal service for the NHS, this role is specialized and highlights the level of knowledge, experience and qualifications achieved to be able to achieve and sustain this role. She offers treatments including biomechanical assessment and diagnosis, custom-made orthotics, nail care and treatment of painful corns and calluses. Additionally Carly has experience within teaching at under graduate level and has co-authored and published an article linked to musculoskeletal pathology. She is HCPC registered and registered with most private health insurance companies including Bupa.

Appointment booking:


Footcare treatment (nail care, corns, callus, skin care advice) with HCPC registered Podiatrist:

Initial assessment and treatment               £38

Follow up appointment                              £27

Footcare treatment (nail care, corns, callus, skin care advice) with Foot Health Practitioner (FHP):

Initial assessment and treatment              £33

Follow up appointments                            £23

Biomechanical/musculoskeletal assessment

Initial assessment                                      £47

Follow up appointment                              £33


Modified pre-fabricated (inc. assessment)          £72-£87

Custom moulded (including assessment) (90 mins) £127

(discount can be offered on 2nd pair supplied if fitted on same appointment of 1st pair)